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Please join our Facebook group where details of meetings are posted regularly.

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18 thoughts on “Contact MFN

  1. Hi carla, Yes we meetr monthly. Our next meeting is next saturday at friends meeting house 2-4:30pm. See our facebook page for more info. cheers

  2. Hello,

    I am a postgrad student at the University of Manchester doing an MSc in Social Research. I am currently taking a module in ‘Elite Interviews’, for which I have to conduct two interviews within an organization (presumably two individuals at the head of such organization). The final project focuses on ‘the power structure of X’, thus the interviews will roughly touch on this theme.

    I’d be very interested in interviewing two people from Manchester Feminist Network, and I was wondering if I could get any further details about who I should contact, how, etc..

    I should probably state that the interviewees will remain anonymous throughout my work and that it will not be published (I can give further details once I have found the right contact).

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    Thanks for your time!

    Regards, Raquel

    • Hi Raquel,

      Thank you for your interest in MFN, however I’m not entirely sure whether we would be the right sort of group to interview as we don’t really have anybody at the head. We are all very keen on things being group decisions and the ‘power structure’ tends to change depending on who is around the most! However if you do think we would good to interview then give me some more details so I can pass onto the group. Or alternatively you could come to our next meeting on April 9th, see details here
      Let me know what you think

      • Hey Gussy,

        I’m still very much interested! I couldn’t make it to your meeting unfortunately. I have sent an e-amail with an attached questionnaire with more information in it. Please read it and consider!

        Thank you!

        Regards, Raquel

  3. Hello!!
    My name is Victoria Moreno. I just moved from London a couple of weeks ago and I am trying to build a life in Manchester with my partner.

    I finished a Msc in Social policy and development at the London School of Economics and Political science 2009, since then I got involved with Latin American organisations and charities in Brixton – London. During this time I worked with single mothers and their children and developed an space for them in one of these organisations, in which literacy and art workshops where developed. Also got involved in the creation of a Latin American women’s space with quarterly meetings at the feminist Library in London

    I am very interested in get involve in your network. Also would like to know when is your next meeting taking place?

    I would appreciate any information.



    • Hi Victoria,

      It would be really great if you could come to a meeting, we meet every second Saturday of the month (so sadly you have just missed a meeting). But it’s Saturday 14th, 2-4 at the Friends Meeting House on Mount Street. I try to put up details of the meetings on here but often don’t get round to it. If you’re on facebook, a lot of communication is done through there We will start the New Year with planning so there will be lots to get involved with.
      Hope to meet you soon.

      Regards, Augusta

  4. Hello, I have just moved from London to Manchester and would really like to get involved in Manchester feminist network. I have just finished my Masters at SOAS, uni of london in international politics, with a heavy focus on gender throughout the year. I see that you have just had your meeting- I was wondering if I could meet up with a few people as I would love to get involved as much as possible so would be nice to talk and see what I can get involved in.


  5. Hi A’Ishah, I’m sorry that it seems no-one has replied to you sooner- the MFN collective are a bit techno-phobic and we tend to use our facebook page more than the blog. Anyway, I don’t think you’ve made it to a meeting yet but you’d be very welcome to attend our next meeting on saturday 13th April at Friends Meeting House 2-4pm. Hope you can make it! And join our fb group if you use it!

  6. Hi
    My Name is Najat. I am based in Manchester. I just finished my Ph.D in social policy studies (university of Bristol). My study was about wife abuse and the impact abuse has on abused women’s mental health. I would like to join your group. So, please let me know about your meetings.
    Best regards,

    • Hi Najat,

      The easiest way to find out about meetings is to join our facebook group. Our next meeting is Saturday 12th October at Friends’ Meeting house in Manchester 2pm – 4 pm. We’ll be discussing sexual entertainment venue licensing in Manchester. Hope to see you in the future.


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